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Who Are We

Welcome to Space Kitten Studio, the masterminds behind the thrilling video game, Pittens The Space Kitten! Join us in the cosmic adventure as we follow the brave cat on a mission to rescue humanity from the depths of space. Get ready for a gaming experience that will launch you into a universe of excitement and fun!

Space Odyssey

In the not-so-distant future, the Earth faces a "cataclysmic calamitous catastrophic" event, and humans are on the verge of extinction. To find a new home for humanity, scientists have developed advanced space exploration technology, including a state-of-the-art space suit engineered specifically for cats, called the "CosmicFelineSuit" or CFS for short.

Pittens, a feisty feline and a brave astronaut, becomes the chosen kitten to wear the suit and explore uncharted territories in search of a new habitable planet.

Follow this epic journey of a fearless and adorable kitten named Pittens who dons the CFS to explore the wonders of the cosmos. Joining Pittens as you embark on a mission to find a way to save the human kind from impending doom, you'll discover new planets and encounter all manner of extraterrestrial creatures.

COSMIC Challenges

Filled with alien encounters, laser battles, and galactic treasures waiting to be discovered. Choose your cosmic destiny with Pittens and become the hero of the humans. Explore the vibrant universe with Pittens and witness the beauty of space like never before!

Curious Cosmic Queries

A light-hearted action-adventure platformer with an objective focus on rewarding exploration, that tells a story of a kitten far from home, sent to planets outside of the milky way to find a way to save earth and the human race from an unknown catastrophe.

Some of the game elements will include:
- equipment customisation, including a variety of  weapons, tools and armour sets.
- historic and collectable logs detailing the history of the universe and Pittens' purpose.
- an adventure with possible multiple endings depending on the player's actions.
- the ability to meow on command, and various easter eggs that may or may not be related.

In addition, there will be a variety of simple but interesting puzzles, and a style of combat that keeps the player engaged but not so difficult that it causes a level of frustration. While striving to keep away from a requirement to 'farm' materials or creatures to achieve an objective, with a conscious effort to respect the players time.

You will have control of Pittens in a third person view within a modern 3d environment, exploring a variety of planets each with their own unique vegetation, hostility and inhabitants. With a focus on adventure, the aim is to present a linear but open world experience. While those two might sound like a contradiction, the feeling you should have is that it feels open world, but without the feeling of it being barren or too overwhelming. 

Controlling Pittens, you will explore for technologies to save humankind, battle creatures and enemies that seek to circumvent your progress for one reason or another. A collection of additional mini-games, and a short but impactful crafting system built on your progress throughout the game, ensuring that while every kill will help, there will be no need for any monotonous collecting.

This is a personal passion project, and with that in mind... It may be at least a few years before it's available.
Currently working on a budget of $0 and a single developer, as it develops this may extend our further.

I think this is a particularly important question to field and be upfront about. It's my personal opinion that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can really help in establish a concept, idea or even get the ball rolling in many applications across many industries but it does lack a certain personal touch and rarely reaches the full expectations of people.

With that said, in the initial stages of development, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be used to create a basis of design and implementation of the game design as well as assist with ongoing activities, but with an expectation that design, models and anything else related to the game will be replaced with 100% human designed and curated content prior to any release.

While we want to support the game development industry responsibility, a starting budget of $0 makes it hard although that is expected to change over time.

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